Work Clock

Timesheet, Invoicing and Statements for iOS and Mac


Features at a glanceā€¦

Here are some of the great features available in Work Clock

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    Location Awareness *

    Let Work Clock automatically start/stop a job when you enter or leave a geofence.

  • Adjustments

    Time & Cost Adjustments

    Make additional time and/or cost adjustments for any work entry. Adjustments include mileage costs, tips, unexpected costs based on unit, and much more.

  • Rounding


    Flexible rounding options for any job that bills by a minimum, e.g. nearest 30 mins

  • Pay Rate

    Pay Rate Options

    Accommodates pay rate options other than the common pay “per hour”. Easily supports jobs that pay “per day” and projects with a “flat amount”.

  • Overtime

    Overtime Rates

    Apply any overtime to a job and let Work Clock handle the calculations.

  • Cloud Sync

    Cloud Syncing

    Seamlessly sync your work entries across all your devices (Mac & iOS). Supports iCloud and Dropbox.

  • Local Sync

    Local Syncing

    Effortlessly sync your data without the use of a cloud service. Sync your work entries directly across your other devices over your local network.

  • Graphs


    Colourful graphs to help see which jobs are racking up the most hours or bringing in the highest pay.

  • Tags


    Handy tags to help organise your work entries for better search results.

  • Multi-Currency

    Multi-Currency Support

    Supports jobs with different currencies.

  • Watch

    Apple Watch Integration *

    With Apple Watch Integration, quickly record work entries and view the daily overview on the go. Start/stop, tag or add notes to a work entry using dictation.

  • Invoice & Statements

    Invoices & Statements

    Professionally generate invoices & statements. Perfect for companies that bill clients based on the amount of time worked.

  • Multi-Company

    Multi-Company Support

    Need to make invoices & statements for more than one company? Work Clock supports multiple companies too!

* Available on iOS only

  • Apple Watch

    Quickly record work entries and view the daily overview on the go. Start/stop, pause/resume, add tags and notes to a work entry using dictation.

  • iOS

    Comprehensive Timesheet and Invoicing App

    Work Clock can automatically clock-in and out as you enter and leave your work place using geofencing. Invoices and Statements can be professionally generated and billed to your clients.

  • Multi-Platform

    Clock-in on your iPhone and clock-out on your Mac. With the built-in syncing technology, you can pick up where you left off on all your devices. It’s as simple as that!


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